A Plea For Freedom

I’ve done a lot of things wrong.
I’ve done a lot of thing right.
Rabid red haired whores.
You see, I just want to be left alone.
To be given a chance at a normal life.
Yet I am so alone, craving, wanting the touch of another human being.
Wanting away from your fascism and psychopathic mind torture and ideologies.
I’m going to run.
So chase me if you care to do so.
This is an appeal to you.
I’ve been a lot of places.
Seen a lot of faces.
I’m not so naive.
And only slightly psychotic.
What harm could my happiness have on humanity.
Amidst clouds of smoke, vanity, profanity.
So, no more secret agents please.
It’s fucking my head up.
I don’t know if I can ever trust again.
I’m hoping you shall see this plea.
Whether you are one or a thousand.
This is me on my knees asking for my freedom.
So just this once listen and let me get what I want.

© Alex Turner 2015


A Journey

As I sit on the coach;
The wheels, they just keep turning ,
friends talking , strangers ignoring.
You see, we don’t exist, not to each other.
Although, you do get the occasional chatty soul.
I see cows huddled together.
You know, they say that when cows huddle together it will rain.
Walls on the hills, connected like road, lingering around up until the horizon engulfs their presence.
I see cracks over foundations, where nature fights the iron fist of man.
I see cars and people in them. Each with their own story. Their own lives.
Executive saloons.
Small hatchbacks.
Fragile and curved, rounded like balloons.
I see lorries, dominant steeds of the motorway.
I turn around and see a beautiful blonde woman.
For all I know, she could be my one true love.
Alas, I shall never find out , as I am much too timid whilst sober.
Which makes me feel sombre.
I see, you see.
I am not blind.
I see trees shedding their leaves.
Malting gradually, as they stand roadside.
Observing, patiently, for the rest of their lives.

© Alex Turner 2015

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