I’m Not Alone

I’m not alone, I’m not alone, I’m not alone.

Frightening figures, fucking forever.

Death is looming over our minds.

Warp our imaginations some more!


You are a bore

to the hand that feeds you

Laying out in the night gazing upon the stars,

waiting for the morning dew

Tomorrow can come no sooner,

everyday is becoming the same,

sick and tired from the day to day games.

I’m not alone, I’m not alone, I’m not alone!

(c) Alex Turner 2016




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These walls, they’re closing in on me,

Ruminating rumours,

Only doubting their authenticity,

Show me the light, the one that I need,

Only on the inside do I bleed,

I walk on and I smile or I glare,

Meeting their eyes with mine,

Seeing how much longer they dare,

I always win!

I always win!

I always win!


So come and ask me,

I don’t bite,

nor with with my hands shall I smite your presence,

I’m playing your games and I’m winning.

Until I die I shall be on top,

Bully me,

I could use the energy,

Hate me,

I’ll only love you back,

Do as you please,

I’m infamous till death do us part,

Take me away,

Harrow my soul some more,

Because it makes me laugh,  and I have grown to love it.

(c) Alex Turner 2016

I Fell in Love


Is it possible to miss a love that was never real,

So cold she was at times,

It made me feel,

A love, a hatred,


I can’t explain,

Her fake love grabbed me,

and slapped me in the face,

Every ”I love you” burning in my veins,


I’ve been around the bend and back,

Thinking of her,

The others haven’t seemed to fill the void left by your smile,

Only for a while,

Come and kill me with your love.

(c) Alex Turner 2016


water fall

Through the transparent door of perception,

that is my waterfall.

Nothing is to be seen,

no sight of Atlantis,

nor the fare hair or complexion of my queen.

No sight of nightmares,

or my wildest dreams.

Perhaps, this shall be where my life begins.

What is beyond the vivid and translucent curtains of my waterfall?

© Alex Turner 2015

Rain Drops

The weather was almost evocative of summer.

Birds chirping, sunshine slowly warming the damp pavements’ soul.

The morning dew glistening in the sun.

A good day for walking, perhaps.

Alas, my walk was not so fruitful.

Step by step I made my way to nowhere,

thoughts drifting in and out with each breath.

And then it started, rainfall to kill the thirst of the most dehydrated.

Rain drops falling from the heavens, like rose petals at summer-fall.

Rain drops drizzling from my face like a crying infant.

Alas, my summers day ruined by a revelation of monstrous downpour.

I hate the rain!

© Poem by Alex Turner

This Is England

Fluorescent red roses and viscus perilous past.

This is England!

Revivifying gin & tonic on a warm and rainy Junes day.

Musty, sweet smells of cold rain assaulting hot tarmac.

This is England!

A reanimating child-like sense of humor.

This is England!

Slightly warm pints as the bell rings for last orders.

Imperfectly perfect.

This is England!

An ear for sound and a tongue for a tune.

This is England!

Love of an English rose beneath a willow tree.

Imperfect perfection.

England !

© Poem by Alex Turner

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