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These walls, they’re closing in on me,

Ruminating rumours,

Only doubting their authenticity,

Show me the light, the one that I need,

Only on the inside do I bleed,

I walk on and I smile or I glare,

Meeting their eyes with mine,

Seeing how much longer they dare,

I always win!

I always win!

I always win!


So come and ask me,

I don’t bite,

nor with with my hands shall I smite your presence,

I’m playing your games and I’m winning.

Until I die I shall be on top,

Bully me,

I could use the energy,

Hate me,

I’ll only love you back,

Do as you please,

I’m infamous till death do us part,

Take me away,

Harrow my soul some more,

Because it makes me laugh,  and I have grown to love it.

(c) Alex Turner 2016


Seize The Day (Inspired by Charles Bukowski’s Go All The Way.)

Seize the day.

Whether it be your last, first or third.

When one feels as if the world is upon their shoulders.

Seize the day.

Make it yours.

When one is pushed to the edge,

don’t fight it.


Seize the day.

Have no fear.

Go all the way.

when one falls into the depths of the earths core.

fight back and climb.

Seize the day.

With a rugged logic and simplicity,

One will find a way.

When alone, frightened brittle and damaged.

Seize the day !

© Alex Turner 2015

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